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  • Why are Sales Days sometimes more than the number of days in a month minus Sundays & holidays?
    If the last day of the calendar month falls on a weekend day, the first non-holiday weekday of the new calendar month will be the last true sell day of the previous month. (Exception for January 1st: The day after New Year's Day is the last sell day of December unless it is a GM recognized holiday, then it will be the following day.)
  • How is the Daily Average calculated?
    Monthly sales divided by the number of selling days in the month. 
  • How is Day's Supply calculated?
    The Days’ Supply is calculated by taking the prior monthly Daily Selling Rate and dividing the units in inventory by that number. 

    April 2020 Selling Days = 26 (selling days do not include Sundays and Holidays) 
    April 2020 Unit Sales for BMW = 8,255 
    April 2020 Selling rate for BMW = (8,255 / 26) = 318 per day 
    Reported BMW unit inventory at the end of April = 54,551 
    BMW Days’ Supply = (54,551 / 318) = 172 Day